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l weIl imagine the reaction of a reasonable and balanced person who receives this announcement of catastrophes! Normally one goes to see a clairvoyant to have her tell you good things and to give you hope. Well then? It's easy to do that and those are the types of clairvoyants who spend fortunes on advertising ... but the client doesn't bother returning. Once she got over the shock, Nadège went to see the doctor who announced a devastating diagnosis ... little Aurore needed a heart-AND-lung transplant, which had never been done in 1981. The media helped her a great deal. Artists like Daniel Guichard or even match of foot ball organised gala affairs to help raise the money for the operation in England. She created the Aurore Foundation to help those with the same sickness. l had the privilege of helping her through the very difficult period before the transplant ... but what an ordeal!
It is true that there is nothing nicer than to find out that things turned out well for people who followed our advice;
This story begins in India ....

A young couple receive a friend who was passing through the country. The friend is a man who is a professor of radiology and an important researcher. He lives in California and complains that this state only collects charlatans while his friend, Professor Binder, works with psychics in Germany and obtains extremely interesting results.

The young wife tells the friend of her strange Parisian encounter.

As she had to leave for India with her husband, the doctor, who had been looking after her on account of her miscarriages over the last six years, recommended a hysterectomy as he was afraid of an emergency situation with her in such a faraway country. Agreeing that it was probably the best course of action, the young wife wanted to speak to someone about her husband's future work.
l was that person. And I told her :
- Before we go on, your departure will be set back as you are pregnant by one month. You will give birth to a beautiful little girl.
Surprise and uncertainty are followed by complete trust after l tell her about a few past events. She then took some pregnancy tests which confirmed the good news she had long forgotten to hope for.

Back from India, the professor Milos Sovak takes an appointment to see me.

After having told him about his life rich with rebounds, l ask him what this funny hexagonal symbol, that l've been shown, means. He takes out five drawings from his pocket. Each drawing depicts the same shape with different formulas written underneath each one.

- Which is the base molecule?

l take out my pendulum; l choose the one in the middle, but change one of the numbers in the formula. We spent two fascinating hours. A few weeks later, l receive a letter saying "everything has been verified, you were right". From that day on l have known some exultant moments. l was invited like a queen to San Diego and provided with a penthouse apartment overlooking the Pacifie. l have no idea what l was helping to discover but it is better that way.


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